OneID Card

 Simplicity in the face of Complexity 


OneID Card is easy to use and highly secure

Unclonable decentralized hardware security element that is tied to your physical identity. Strong security with decentralized provisioning and authentication. It is packaged in a convenient, easy to use badge or credit card.

Companies are challenged to provide a simple, convenient and secure solution for employees to login to their devices, networks and applications at home and in the office. Existing solutions are difficult to use, costly, and often lack sufficient security. For example, software-based authentication solutions are regarded by the most sophisticated technology companies as not secure, less convenient to use and costly to support.

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OneID Card is a breakthrough, push-button solution enabling all use cases to be integrated securely and seamlessly while decreasing IT costs. OneID Card is easy to use and highly secure.

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The multifactor and passwordless FIDO standard, together with patented OneID Card technologies like biometrics and Bluetooth, have revolutionized the login process by simplifying the user experience while simultaneously ensuring strong security. OneID Card enables your employees to securely log-in to your company’s computing devices, networks and applications.


Businesses demand improvements in the security and convenience of their physical access control systems.  Traditional ID badges and access control systems lack the convenience of a wireless solution with integrated biometrics.  ‘Bring-Your-Own’ devices lack security and are time consuming to manage. There is a strong desire for biometrics enabled solutions that are convenient, easy to manage, easy to use, and secure for physical access to and within buildings, machines and equipment. 

OneID Card combines all of this and enables your employees to securely access your company’s premises or machines in a production environment.


Ensure the security of your documents with OneID Card which enables secure printing, ensuring that a sensitive document is only released from the printer after the user is authenticated at the printer. OneID Card allows all printing to be tracked and assigned to the appropriate department or client account

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