OneIDLab Zero Trust Security Platform


Funded by the United States Department of Defense, the Electrical Power Research Institute and Jaguar Land Rover to enable the highest levels of security while increasing agility and reducing operating costs. OneIDLab brings decentralized identity-based encryption keys coupled with strong provisioning in an easy to deploy Zero Trust managed service. OneIDLab technology is protected by over 20 patents

Identity is at the center of security


OneID Lab’s technology is uniquely engineered to secure and manage identities. The launch of our Zero Trust solution portfolio moves security as a service from the perimeter (traditional firewall) to the endpoint (securing the identity of people). A critical component in deploying Zero Trust services is to credibly verify the identity of an end-user. OneID Card is an unclonable decentralized hardware security element that is tied to the physical identity of a person. It is packaged in a convenient, easy-to-use card form-factor. Our software platform provides secure provisioning and seamless rollout that simplifies current onboarding and off-boarding processes. At OneIDLab, we embrace Zero Trust.